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Trophy gallery, part 2 (With help from u/Gwultz)

(Thank you to u/Gwultz for helping me with these trophy descriptions. Huge shout out to 'em.) With that being said, here's "Best of the Smash AU trophy gallery, part 2."

Dennis (alt 2)
You'd think that Dennis would take to the merging of all dimensions into the world of trophies like a fish out of water, but not long after the Neo Subspace Army rose, he took a job from SMG3 to serve as a primary enforcer. From duking it out with Noctis in a high-speed vehicular duel to defending the Toppat transport train, this furious fish has a bad habit of rigging fights in his favor by keeping several stolen Endoskeletons on standby to attack. What a crook!
Flamethrower Bare Endo
I'm certain you're wondering how we at Fazbear Incorporated build all your Fazbear friends+ to life, then look no further than Flamethrower Bare Endo! His high pressure flamethrower allows him to fuse all the bits and pieces together with jaw-dropping ease, and he doesn't require eat or sleep!++ From Friendo Endo+++ to even ol' Freddy himself, you can take heart in knowing that every single one of our classic characters was built to last.
+This phrase is copyrighted by Fazbear Incorporated, and use of it for business or pleasure without proper consultation from the Fazbear legal team is grounds for us to sue.
++Fazbear Corporate cannot and will not confirm or deny any accusations of us forcing our workers to neglect eat and sleep regardless. Remember: You can't prove anything!
+++Due to a minor shipping snafu, Flamethrower Bare Endo and Friendo Endo share remarkably similar serial numbers and other such internal data, so Fazbear Incorporated is not responsible for any damage incurred if, by some miraculous mix-up, Flamethrower Bare Endo is delivered to your house instead of Friendo Endo, even and especially if Flamethrower Bare Endo goes haywire. Again, you can't prove anything!
First appearance: FNAF AR: Special Delivery
Doctor Zomboss
Full name Edgar George Zomboss. This postmortem brainiac maniac graduated from college at the top of his thanatology class, and immediately set about the construction of a powerful Zombot mech and a massive zombie army, seeking to dominate his local suburban subdivision. Short in stature and in temper, Zomboss is quick to berate his zombie troopers whenever a plan to beat the plants goes pear-shaped. First appearance: Plants vs. Zombies
King Knight
Once thought to be the champion who would save the valley from the Enchantress, King Knight let his pride and ambition go to his head, and soon turned against the people to join her evil Order of no Quarter. Cocky, blustering, and eager to set straight any who dare to knock him from his usurped throne, this gilded goon is a force to be reckoned with, even in spite of his soft spot for his beloved mother. First appearance: Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope
Coming from a long line of evil tyrants , Kaos strives to defeat the Skylanders and conquer the Skylands once and for all, both to satiate his own pride and to one-up his much more successful family. Though his arrogance and lack of evil street-smarts often comes back to bite him, he is still not to be underestimated. His DOOMSHARKS are a sight to behold! First appearance: Skylanders: Spyro's adventure (console edition)
The two warring deities of light and dark, Galeem and Dharkon, were so preoccupied with their battle against the Smash Brothers and each other that they were thoroughly unprepared for Ultron (now possessing the body of YHVH) infecting them both with his highly advanced new Ultron virus. Seeking to satisfy his own morbid curiosity as well as defeat the Smashers, the AI fused the two gods into Ahlgon, God of dusk. With both gods still locked in bitter combat inside this unstable fusion, Ahlgon is constantly at war within itself, and now craves the bitter yet merciful embrace of death even as it lashes out at the Smashers with everything it has. First appearance: Super Smash Brothers AU
Makoto Yuuki (Persona series)
This second year student is different than most: Having a bit of Death trapped within him, he found the Ability to form bonds with others. First appearance: Persona 3
This cherry loving Stand user had 50 days of friendship, before he sacrificed himself to reveal the stand ability of DIO. First appearance: Jojo's bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.
One of the primary commanders of the Subspace army, Duon packs two varieties of punch. His blue half can cleave foes in two with a flurry of sword strikes and charge attacks, while his pink half can lay down hurt from afar using two arm cannons and a mortar integrated into his head. Neo Tabuu expended plenty of Shadow Bugs in order to bring Duon back, but as a result of the damage sustained in his first bout against the Smashers on the battleship Halberd, Duon has gone from strong-but-silent war machine to chipper, occasionally snarky assistant bot, though he retains his deadly combat ability and loyalty to Tabuu. First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
You thought that it was a different trophy, but it was him! DIO (all caps necessary) has been the vampiric mortal foe of the Jojo family line for generations. Though he doesn't have Death himself on his side like a certain other vampire, he does have a flair for the dramatic, significant physical prowess, and a powerful stand that allows him to freeze time for ten seconds. However, he's quite cocky, which tends to be his downfall more often than not. So, kind of like Dracula, but with a bit of Bowser thrown in, which would explain his passing resemblance to one of the Koopa King's alternate skins.... First appearance: Jojo part 1
Henry Stickmin
A kleptomaniacal stick figure with plenty of adventures under his belt, Henry's gotten himself in and out of too many jams to count. Stealing gems, busting out of prisons, bringing down criminal organizations, you name it, he's done it, in spite of (or perhaps because of) his wildly unpredictable luck. Though Henry started out as a simple petty thief, later games in his series would allow players to set him on more altruistic paths. One has to wonder, what's next for him? First appearance: Breaking the Bank (or crossing the pit if you want to get technical)

Yang Xiao Long
Ruby's older sister, and quite the brawler! With her dual shotgun gauntlets, Ember Celica, she can hit quite hard. And with her semblance, Burn, you can bet she's a bartender's worst nightmare! First appearance: Yellow trailer, or RWBY Volume 1
He has chortles! This green Beanbean Kingdom Resident fights using his vaccum helmet, and an arrangement of technology! First appearance: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (2003)
Aperture Science Turret
Standing guard over the long abandoned testing facilities of Aperture Science, these Turrets operate on a simple, yet effective, subroutine: if something catches their eye, they'll shoot. Simple as that. Each turret eschews the traditional gunpowder-using chamber mechanism in favor of launching bullets with springs. Though each projectile packs way less of a punch because of this, it allows them to store 100% more bullet per bullet. First appearance: Portal
Kaos tasked this big bot with drilling for the lost city of Arkus at his big rig. Drill-X often got bored with the monotonous process, and attempted to alleviate his boredom by picking up a side career in rapping, so don't be surprised if he spits fire as hot as the fireballs launched from his drill during battles against him. After being defeated by the Giants and taking on the brief career as a chef, Drill-X returned as part of the Neo Subspace army, integrating himself into Metal Gear REX to dish out twice the painful payback. First appearance: Skylanders Giants (console edition)
Star allies sparkler
You thought the Dragoon and the friend star packed a pink punch? Take a look at this baby! By harnessing the power of their best friendships, Kirby and his Star allies transformed the friend star into this new vehicle to chase after Void Terminia. With the ability to fire powerful charged unison blasts and fly at the speed of light, the Neo Subspace Army got a firsthand taste of friendship power at the wings of this baby in chapter 999: The great invasion 2: electric boogaloo. Even I have to say it, that scene was awesome! First appearance: Kirby Star Allies
Hole punch (Paper Mario)
Hole punch loves to jam out to some sick beats! In the Neo Subspace army, he serves under King Olly AND Neo Tabuu! First appearance: Paper Mario the Origami King (2020)
Belle Fontire
Tascorp's very own Meta Runner was actually on the heroes side during Subspace 2. The only thing that matches her gaming skill is her attitude! First appeareace: Meta Runner (2019)
Fall Guy (alt one)
The Fall Guys game show was rife with a variety of comical yet painful booby traps, ranging from bouncy bumpers to swinging wrecking balls, and Fall Guy can wield and deploy all of them as part of his move set. This is a bit of a triple-edged sword: these traps can launch him around just as much, but Fall Guy has the unique ability to deal damage to enemies he gets launched into. Sometimes it's worth taking a knock on the noggin to close out that final win! First appearance: Fall Guys
Doctor Zomboss (alt 2)
When Zomboss was called into another dimension by Neo Tabuu, he had fully expected to leave the Subspace demigod speechless with his intellect and zombie army. However, it was the Doctor who was left speechless, as the neon butterfly of death threw him out on his ear. Fuming from this humiliation, the brainiac maniac found a kindred spirit in Kaos, who was similarly rejected. Though the two at first bickered over who would conquer where and who was the bigger evil genius, both undead and dark portal master soon found that they had plenty in common, such as hatred of a bearded arch-enemy's army and the incompetence of their minions, and hit it off swimmingly from there. Now the dastardly duo seek to put pay to both the Smash Brothers and the Neo Subspace Army, and rule over all worlds for all time. First appearance: Plants vs. Zombies
Ruby Rose (Alt 2)
Ruby has seen death itself now. ANd now, in her Mistral outfit, she's ready to take on anything! (Yet the dead are still alive) and she's ready to help the heroes! First appearance: RWBY volume 1
Wheatley (Portal)
Wheatley is now in control of the facility, and Neo Tabuu makes sure to check on him and his little death traps. Wheatley was secretly planning on getting his vengeance on GlaDoS, and the person who threw him into space.
Bare Endo
Though we at Fazbear incorporated make our top priority to bring food, fantasy, and fun to families of all shapes and sizes, we still have a business to run, so you'll have to understand if renting out our beloved characters through our patented Special Delivery app is a touch above your budget. But that doesn't mean we can't offer a more affordable option to bring yourself some joy! Introducing Friendo Endo! Available for rent at a discounted price from the rest of your Fazbear Friends, Endo won't let his lack of a costume stop him from giving you a fun time, and you can dress him however you want! And for a small additional fee, we'll send him to your home decked out with the latest in AnimStealth technology. Friendo Endo, the latest addition to the Fazbear Family, dedicated to bringing you Food, Fantasy, and Fun! (Brought to you in partnership with the Neo Subspace Army. Warning: Fazbear incorporated is not responsible for any damage incurred if Endo goes haywire, including damage to hearing sustained from his stunning sonic screech. Remember: you can't prove anything!) First appearance: FNAF 2
Neo Tabuu puts these walking bundles of shadow bugs back into the fray as cannon fodder, but due to his more limited supply of power, these guys are a little less concentrated, from a literal and figurative sense. They'll just as often engage in dress-up as they will attack you, and one even joins Captain Goomba against the Subspace Army. They just don't make em like they used to, I suppose... First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Hyness and his three Mage generals were banished by the ancients for resorting to drastic measures to stop a great galactic crisis, and the leader of the Jamba cult was driven mad by this injustice. Seeking to get revenge on them, Hyness attempted to summon the dark God of destruction Void Termina, the strongest warrior in the galaxy Galacta Knight, and even sought to draw upon power from Another Dimension, corrupting him and his Mages in the process. Thankfully, Kirby and his friends defeated the officiant of doom and his generals at every turn, eventually purifying them with his friend hearts. Hyness is now back to being the kind soul he used to be, but he can still be a bit senile.... First appearance: Kirby Star Allies
The Necrodancer
Once a humble bard named Octavian, the mad whispers of the golden lute warped his mind, body, and soul. Now standing guard over his crypt, the Necrodancer raises an army of undead and monsters with his malicious melodies, and any who try to take his lute will be on the receiving end of of a deadly power chord! First appearance: Crypt of the Necrodancer
Dennis (alt 2)
You'd think that Dennis would take to the merging of all dimensions into the world of trophies like a fish out of water, but not long after the Neo Subspace Army rose, he took a job from SMG3 to serve as a primary enforcer. From duking it out with Noctis in a high-speed vehicular duel to defending the Toppat transport train, this furious fish has a bad habit of rigging fights in his favor by keeping several stolen Endoskeletons on standby to attack. What a crook!
Flamethrower Bare Endo
I'm certain you're wondering how we at Fazbear Incorporated build all your Fazbear friends+ to life, then look no further than Flamethrower Bare Endo! His high pressure flamethrower allows him to fuse all the bits and pieces together with jaw-dropping ease, and he doesn't require eat or sleep!++ From Friendo Endo+++ to even ol' Freddy himself, you can take heart in knowing that every single one of our classic characters was built to last.
+This phrase is copyrighted by Fazbear Incorporated, and use of it for business or pleasure without proper consultation from the Fazbear legal team is grounds for us to sue.
++Fazbear Corporate cannot and will not confirm or deny any accusations of us forcing our workers to neglect eat and sleep regardless. Remember: You can't prove anything!
+++Due to a minor shipping snafu, Flamethrower Bare Endo and Friendo Endo share remarkably similar serial numbers and other such internal data, so Fazbear Incorporated is not responsible for any damage incurred if, by some miraculous mix-up, Flamethrower Bare Endo is delivered to your house instead of Friendo Endo, even and especially if Flamethrower Bare Endo goes haywire. Again, you can't prove anything!
First appearance: FNAF AR: Special Delivery
Young Anakin
Before he was the towering dark lord of the Sith, or even before he was the trusted Jedi partner of Obi-Wan, Anakin Skywalker was a child, just like you or me. Born into a life of slavery, young Ani spends his time scavenging for parts to tinker with, and he's surprisingly resourceful for a boy his age, having built a protocol droid and repaired a defunct pod racer all on his own. However, his unnaturally high midichlorian count, as well as his desire to deliver him and his mother to better lives at any cost, serve as sobering reminders to his final destiny. First appearance: Star Wars episode I: The Phantom Menace
A vicious, cold-blooded predator, Dennis makes his living as an assassin and hired thug, and he really enjoys his work. In addition to his combat knife, he also makes use of his spiky boots to literally stomp out his targets. Holding a major chip on his shoulder ever since SpongeBob and Patrick managed to slip away from him, Dennis is determined to always get his man. First appearance: The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
Bowser's castle hangout
It's true what they say, "A koopas home is his castle." The infamous king Bowser Koopa spends most of his time here waiting for Mario to show up and rescue Peach. Pick your poison wisely when fighting on this perilous stage. The left side is populated with firebars and Thwomps looking to catch unsuspecting guests. The right side seems much more innocuous, but keep an eye on that axe- one good hit will send it tipping over, knocking the bridge out. It'll come back eventually of course, but anyone standing there when it collapses will take an extra steamy lava bath! First appearance: Super Mario Bros.
An annual contest where builders from all around the world show off their skills, the big winners of Endercon get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the famous warrior of the Order of the Stone, Gabriel. A large central platform will instantly be constructed in the middle for fighters to duke it out, but plenty of builds will show up for you to stand on, be them on or off the stage. Just don't get too comfy on them, cause they'll soon be taken down for the next build to take their time in the sun. First appearance: Minecraft story mode
Rubber band
One of the members of King Olly's legion of stationary, Rubber Band fancies themself an entertainer, even though their stage plays are all designed to bring an end to their King's most persistent foe, Mario. Pull back the proverbial gossamer curtain with the 1000-fold arms will reveal the elastic entertainers significantly less impressive true form, but they won't simply give up there, and will launch themselves into the portly plumber at the speed of sound for big damage. First appearance: Paper Mario: the origami king
Robo Right Hand Man
Even Henry defeating him on the Toppat airship isn't enough to put this persistent thug down for keeps. Brought back to life as a cyborg, RHM now has several powerful weapons integrated directly into his body, notably rocket thrusters and a laser eye. Depending on what choices the player made after defeating him, ol' Righty could end up as the new boss of the Toppats, or even working alongside Henry. First appearance: Completing the Mission
Night guard office
A simple desk equipped with buttons to close the heavy duty doors and a security monitor, this office has served many a Fazbear night watchman well, or so the company claims. As a stage, fighters will be shrunken down to fit on the desk. Just be sure to hit the door buttons when you spot an animatronic in the doorway! While they'll pay no mind to you, the nasty sight will leave fighters paralyzed for a time.
hey, izanos! It's everyone's favorite Pa_er Mario boss, Doo_liss! This ghouls _owers go behind even sha_eshifting, as he can steals someone's name and body easy as _ie! Though Doo_liss had a bit of an aloof, _unkish streak, he did turn over a new leaf by the end of his home game and and started a career acting in _lays. Maybe that's why _eo_le were so _leased to see him make a _layable debut here! First a_earance: Pa_er Mario: the thousand year door
sssss.... KAPOW! That's the sound a creeper will make when it sneaks up behind you and combusts without warning, depriving you of all your things and sending you right back to your bed. Fans of Minecraft love to hate the creeper so much, it's seen as an unofficial mascot for the game. Just don't be so mad at them you lose your cool and try to strike them with lightning, or you'll charge them right up. The only thing rarer than a charged Creeper is a player who survives an encounter with one! First appearance: Minecraft
Tourist trap island
This Neighborville tourist hotspot just sort of showed up one day, but who can resist a lovely tropical island? However, it's not all fun and games in paradise, as the evil Doctor Zomboss has staffed the island with his loyal undead minions, and seeks to use his diabolical weather machine to leave any passing cruise ships stranded as brain meals! As a stage, fighters will be caught in unpredictable gale force winds at the base of the primary storm machine. Keep that switch pushed into the off setting, or you'll spend more time getting pushed around then you will fighting. First appearance: Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
Aw, isn't this just the most adorable little thing?.... Actually, not really. With its creepy vacant stare and needle-sharp teeth, Plushtrap was presumably an ill-fated attempt by Fazbear Incorporated to break into the world of marketable plushes. Still, at least it's not out to murder you like the animatronic it's based off of. Hold on, did it just move? First appearance: FNAF 4
Trash and the gang
Budget options for the budding pizzeria owner, Trash and the gang are.... I mean.... They're better than nothing, I suppose. They don't sing, they don't dance, they don't even stay together half the time, but they'll do until you can get some proper moolah under your belt. Even when they returned in the Ultimate Custon Night, the only way they could hinder players was by making distracting noise. I'm not sure these guys will live on in the hearts of children. First appearance: FNAF pizzeria simulator
King Boo
The spectral monarch of all ghosts, King Boo once tried to trick Mario into being trapped in a haunted mansion, only to be foiled by his brother Luigi. This left the ghost King with a major bone to pick against the number 2 plumber, and he's hounded poor Luigi to the ends of the earth ever since, hoping to extract revenge. Armed with his power-enhancing crown and mighty illusionary powers, this is one Boo you definitely wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley, and even staring him right in the eyes won't keep you safe from him for long. First appearance: Luigi's Mansion
Doctor Zomboss (alt 1)
Zomboss is more of a hands-off type of commander, preferring to hang back and pummel plants from afar with a barrage of projectiles. Thrown wrenches and zombie heads do the job nicely, but for something a little meatier, he can whip out on of many miniature Zombot heads to launch more powerful projectiles depending on what Zombot it is, such as fire breath, missiles, or an incursion of imps. To keep enemies from reaching him before he can start firing away, Zomboss relies on the other half of his arsenal: Zombie summoning. Bucket headed Meatshields, lightning fast Pole vaulters, or more unorthodox picks like Jesters and Jack-in-the-boxers, one thing is for sure, they'll lay down massive hurt while Zomboss plugs away!
Zombot's wrath
Breaking open the Smash Ball as Doctor Zomboss will summon his most powerful creation to the battlefield: The Zombot 9000. Bombarding the stage with elemental breath attacks while summoning huge waves of zombies, foes are sure to get stomped one way or another. For the figurative cherry on top, the Zombot throws a Winnebago before flying away, launching whoever gets hit and ensuring some poor soul has to live with insurance premiums that go through the roof.
A cold and callous shell of a man, Takaya is the leader of Strega, a group who stands in opposition to S.E.E.S and seeks to bring about the fall of man. Takaya lacks empathy, seeing anything not done for one's own gain or indulgence as useless, and holds the bitter and nihilistic view that all of humankind craves death. Unlike S.E.E.S, Takaya doesn't need an evoker to summon his Persona, which may be for the best. Imagine if he confused it with his revolver, or vice versa! Actually, that'd probably make him much easier to deal with. First appearance: Persona 3
The Lich (EtG)
Awaiting all worthy challengers in the depths of Bullet Hell is the Lich, the timeless and immortal master of the Gungeon. Some think that this Revenant with a revolver used to be the first who conquered the Gungeon, but it's doubtful that any can confirm these claims, and the Lich himself isn't telling. With a supremely steady eye and the itchiest trigger finger you've ever seen, defeating the Lich is an impossibility for all but a master marksman. First appearance: Enter the Gungeon
This tool is one of few things that allow a Persona user to call upon their Persona in the real world. Despite its resemblance to a pistol, this is purely for show, and the user is in no danger when they point it at themselves and pull the trigger. However, it does force the user to subconsciously confront the possibility that they may die there, and these feelings of stress are what allow their Persona to surface. First appearance: Persona 3
Rival to SMG4, this mad machinimist wants payback against him ever since he got caught stealing content. He's made a few attempts to go straight, but circumstances have turned against him as of recent, tragically setting him firmly on the path of do-baddery. Though his scheme have had limited success in the past, he might just be able to harness the power of the YouTube Remote to turn the tables on his more popular counterpart and establish an iron grip over YouTube once and for all. Fun fact: he has a doctorate in psychology! First appearance: SMG4 vs SMG3 (SMG4 series)
Captain Smasher
The nastiest undead menace to ever set sail, Captain Smasher was sealed away for many years, only to be freed by the Dave-bot 9000 as part of a misheard request for Crazy Dave's birthday gift. Armed with a cannon and a craving for vitamin C, this cruel captain is immune to damage unless you vanquish his cursebearers first. First appearance: Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2
Bullet Kin
These adorable little guys make up the first line of defense for the Gungeon, but don't let this looks fool you. Bullet kin, like all Gundead, are belligerent by nature, so don't be afraid to show them who's boss. Though Bullet Kin are simple enough opponents on their own, huge numbers can easily overwhelm an unprepared Gungeoneer, and some can come with rapid fire capabilities or the foresight to lead their shots to boot. To make a long story short, cuddling is a bad idea. First appearance: Enter the Gungeon
The gun that can kill the past
Contained in a musty chest hidden in the depths of the fifth chamber of the Gungeon, TGTCKTP, rather than shooting the enemy, shoots its wielder back in time to the moment of their greatest regret. Even though such an artifact has driven many to madness trying and failing to find and use it, you'd be surprised at what people would be willing to go through for that second shot. Matter of fact, maybe if I..... What am I saying?! Never mind. Just know that to find and use this gun to its full potential is a great feat indeed. First appearance: Enter the Gungeon
An unnerving create of Subspace that hangs from seemingly endless marionette strings, lashing out with claws and lasers. Rumor has it that Fazbear Incorporated established a partnership with the Neo Subspace army in exchange for the army not suing them for reasons relating to this freakish foe. Puppits are a touch more unpredictable than their last appearance, and will sometimes latch on to fighters without warning. Yikes! First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Spell Punks
Mysterious mages that hail from the Skylands, Spell Punks each have mastery over one element. You can tell them apart by their distinctive colors and different abilities. Air Punks speed up their allies, Life Punks heal them, Magic conceals, Earth shields, Undead summon undead minions, tech locks on to their enemies with mighty sky lasers, water freezes foes, and Fire rapidly shoots flame bursts. Got it? Good! Now just try to remember all that when you have an army Bearing down on you as those Punks hide in the back, providing support and covering fire! First appearance: Skylanders: Spyro's adventure
Another returning Subspace goon, Armight neglected to bring all too many new tricks for this game. His mustache is slightly fancier and he'll sometimes attack all around him with a spinning headbutt,mbut he mostly just sticks to his old attacks of slashing and throwing swords. Some may call him archaic, but he calls it honorable, and there's something to be said about how he can hold his own amidst all his peers and their innovations. Good on you, Armight! First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Nyx avatar
The incomplete bringer of Erebus, made manifest by humanity's desire for death, Nyx is progenitor of the dark hour and the resultant shadows. If S.E.E.S wish to save all of humankind, they must scale Tarterus once more and cast Nyx back to whence it came. Though Nyx's influence and power has waned ever since it was brought into the world of trophies, it still holds immense almighty power, especially when Scissors channels their deathly energies through his dual blades. First appearance: Persona 3
Fa-shwing! Let's go, bub! This copyright-friendly troll enemy is one of the heavy hitters of Kaos' army. The claw on his right arm allows it to let loose with many a powerful combo, and the shield on his left can deflect attacks. He lowers it when he's about to strike though, and that's your chance to shred him right back. Even though Trollverine is annoying to deal with, at least that helmet of his looks cool. First appearance: Skylanders: Spyro's adventure
Goliath Drow
Living up to his name, this deluxe-sized Drow trades the finesse of his smaller brethren for raw power. A shame he puts that strength to use working for the forces of darkness, because he'd be quite a boon as a handyman. As it stands though, those guards on his forearms give his charge attack some extra "oomph," and there's no way to knock him out of it- When taking a stand against this Titan, you either move or get moved. If you're unlucky, Goliath Drow may come partnered with Life Spell Punks who'll heal them up, just for an extra kick in the teeth. First appearance: Skylanders: Spyro's adventure
Jack Frost
Hee-ho! One of the most iconic demons to ever appear in an ATLUS title, Jack Frost is a mythical trickster of snow and ice. Naturally, he packs several powerful Bufu spells that he can use to freeze enemies right in their tracks. His fame even extends to his own universe, as there's plenty of merchandise of him to be found. But wait, I though most normal people were unaware of shadows like him! Hmm... Something's fishy here. First appearance: Shin Megami Tensai
Despacito Spiderlings
Offspring of the more threatening Despacito Spider, these little buggers swarm a target en masse, hoping to defeat it with sheer numbers. Though they lack the mental compulsion abilities of their fully grown form, they do pack something far more horrifying: the implication that these things breed. I'm not sure I want to know, really.... First appearance: Roblox
Right Hand Man
Second in command of the Toppats and best friend of Reginald, no one actually knows RHM's true name. One thing that is known about him is his dedication to the Toppat cause and deadly fighting ability. A physical powerhouse who packs hefty firearms and advanced combat techniques like reflectors and shockwaves, you'd do well not to trifle with him, or he'll hound you to the ends of the earth to get payback. First appearance: Infiltrating the airship
Master Kohga
*After the Sheikah tribe failed to stop the great Calamity from ravaging Hyrule, the people turned against the advanced monks. Though some stayed dedicated to the cause of protecting the people, others grew bitter and sought revenge, forming a subsect known as the Yiga clan who worshipped Ganon and attacking anyone they came across. Formed by many deadly assassins and blademasters, none is more dangerous than Master Kohga, who wields the ancient Sheikah techniques of force shields, levitation, and magnetization with practice and skill in battle against the hero of the wilds. Well, maybe not TOO much skill. Just bop him while his projectiles hover over him, and see what I mean. First appearance: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Galleom 2.0
This classic Subspace war machine spent some time as a spirit after being defeated by three traveling swordsmen and two young boys, but Neo Tabuu rebuilt, revamped, and refurbished him for revenge. Galleom 2.0 is significantly stronger than the previous model (which is certainly saying something!) and is much more versatile too, with many new armaments such as a powerful flail weapon and a nasty heavy duty laser cannon concealed within those big metal fists. Though this rampaging Robo-Rhino is a creature of few words, it does exude an aura of respect for those who can surpass even it in combat. First appearance: Super Smash Brothers AU
GAL Mobile Weapons Platform
Short for Gatling Assault Laser mobile weapons platform, this Neo Subspace army transport vehicle was modeled after Galleom's tank form. In addition to the countless Shadow Bugs it contains to release in the form of Primids and other such bad guys, this assault vehicle is equipped with a Gatling laser and two missile launchers to discourage any attackers, and it's rocket boosters and thick metal armor allow it to soak up damage and ram opponents with impunity. However, there's also a certain nostalgic feeling one gets when they look at it and remember what it was based off of. Ah.... Even now, it brings back fond memories of that showdown in the wilds. First appearance: Super Smash Brothers AU
Neo Tabuu
Once thought to be destroyed along with his Great Maze, Tabuu has risen again by absorbing the power of two fallen gods of light and dark. Determined to see his vision of a world of Subspace come to fruition, he adopts the moniker of Neo Tabuu as he scours the multiverse for worthy generals to serve in his new army. Whatever dimension the neon butterfly hailed from is long lost to history, but whether that plays a role in his motives is anyone's guess. Just what is he..? First appearance: Super Smash Brothers AU
Reginald Copperbottom
Don't let his impeccable fashion and posh accent fool you- this stick figure has lead the notorious Toppat Clan on many a successful heist. He earned both his second hat and leadership of the clan by overthrowing the previous leader. Though Reginald may insist upon the clan following a sort of honor code, he himself is known to take actions that are cowardly and downright dishonorable- but every decision he makes is to ensure that the clan prospers as it has done ever since it was first conceived. First appearance: Infiltrating the airship
These growing sumo-esqe Subspace bruisers are back to serve as heavy lifters and heavier hitters. Though most simply retain their ability to grow after being significantly hurt, some of the new generation of Nagagog have mutated the ability to grow into a form even stronger than their red form without taking any damage. However, these lucky few are so cocky as a result that you'll often find them napping on the job, allowing you to sneak past, or get in a preemptive strike if you're looking to tussle. You know what they say, "you snooze, you lose!" First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Yet another veteran enemy of the first Subspace war, Borboras is significantly more versatile than they were in their first incarnation. In addition to their previous ability to blow foes back with gale-force winds, they can spit bouncing bombs for more of a punch, or even signal other members of the Subspace army by trumpeting from their distinct snouts. Who says an old baddie can't learn new tricks? First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Futaba Sakura
A girl warped in a belief that she was the one who killed her mother, the Phantom Thieves stole her heart (After a blackmail from her, of course) First appearance: Persona 5
Steve [Minecraft] (Alt 2)
In Subspace 2, Steve seems harmless, at first. But he eventually does betray the heroes. How rude of him!
Right Hand Man (Alt 2)
After all his cybernetic upgrades, Right Hand Man is ready to battle Paper Mario in the center of Toad Town! Let's see him dodge everything he has! First appearance: Super Smash Bros AU: Subspace Emissary 2
Olivia ([Paper Mario] alt 2)
After sacrificing herself to undo her brother's destruction, Olivia wonders why she's back, in an arena with Chie Satonaka.
Ryuji Sakamoto
After his leg was broken, he could no longer be on the running team. Still doesn't stop him from chaining the hearts of all those Rotten Adults! First appearance: Persona 5
Paper Mario
Thinner Mario, bigger adventure! Paper Mario can turn into almost any form, and with is partners at his back, you can expect an awesome adventure! First appearance: Paper Mario
Ellie Rose
Another Wall convict, just like Henry. Henry either has the option to help or, or leave her behind. First appearance: Fleeing the Wall
Count Dooku
The mentor to Qui Gon Jinn, Count Dooku found his place on the Darker Side of the force. First appearance: Star Wars episode II: Attack of the clones
Cinder Fall
The one who aspired to be the Fall maiden, Cinder did almost anything to get hands hands on said power. First appearance: RWBY Volume 1 (Shadow), RWBY Volume 2 (First major screen appearance)
Fishy Boopkin's dating sim girlfriend brought to life, Saiko is still earning to be nice. First appearance: Doki Doki Mario Club (SMG4)
Fighters will be on street level for this stage, and the final Omnidroid from the film will be there. First appearance: The incredibles
The north-most kingdom in Remnant, Fighters will be taken using a platform all around! First appearance: RWBY Volume 7
Battle ring
A new mode was introduced, called Origami battles. Fighters take turns rotating the ring to fight. First appearance: Paper Mario the Origami King
Egypt city
Egypt City from part 3 is here! Be sure to try to combo into Road Roller! First appearance: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
London (POTC)
The opening part of On Stranger Tides is fully recreated here as a stage! First appearance: Pirates of The Caribbean
Mario (SMG4)
Mario's dumber variant. This idiot's blood type is apparently spaghetti, and he has "An infnite IQ." First appearance: SMG4: The cake is a lie
Tia Dalma
Calaypso in human form. She answers questions of destiny and fate. She could even give you a jar of dirt! First appearance: Dead Man's Chest
Petra (Minecraft)
Not much is actually known on Petra, as she keeps to herself, mostly. She does have a whiting habit, though. First appearance: MCSM, episode 1
Pyrrha Nikos
The face of Pumpkin Pete's cereal, Pyrrha the invicible believes in destiny. First appearance: RWBY Volume 1
Rob (SMG4)
One of the SMG3-Anti crew members, Rob LOVES corn. He has an almost unhealthy obsession with it. First appearance: SMG4: CORN
Gekkoukan Primary High School
The pride of Tatsumi Port Island, this is a playable stage.
Star Platinum
Jotaro's main stand, Star Platinum is worthy foe whenever used by the famous Stand User! First appearance: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
submitted by PowerPad to SmashAU [link] [comments]

Competitive Budget Deck Masterpost (February 2020)

apology for poor english, where were you when entire meta dies?
i was sit at home playing duelingbook when discord ring
"meta is kill"
"but also, wallet is kill"
This post will give recommendations for decks that can generally do well while generally remaining in the $50 to $150 price range.
Not all decklists are perfect and this post is not an F. Unless there is a particularly offensive deckbuilding error that you want to point out, please don't use this thread to nitpick at the sample decklists provided. Decklists were built prioritizing simplicity and effectiveness on a budget. At the same time, if you want to try one of these decks, don't treat them as if they're perfect, either - you should experiment and play cards that feel comfortable and/or optimal to you.
Do feel free to leave suggestions for budget players, whether it's a budget tech choice for one of the decks on this list or whether it's a different deck that you think can compete in the coming months.
Shoutouts to gallantron for putting together, which I'm now using for the price breakdown links instead of Yugiohdeckbuilder. Note that the site recently switched to display euros instead of dollars, due to an issue with the TCGPlayer API and prices on Speed Duel cards.
[Last updated: February 14, 2020]
Previous version: November 2019 Post
Updated version: June 2020 Post

S Tier

The best bang for your buck. Decks in this category have the capacity to top premier events, though they're almost always supplemented with expensive power cards.


Price: $50+ Decklist and Price Breakdown


Price: $75+ Decklist and Price Breakdown


Price: $100+ Decklist and Price Breakdown

A Tier

Strong decks, but limited either by a lack of access to powerful staples or by the natural ceiling of the deck. You could still top a regional with one of these decks on a good day.


Price: $100+ Decklist and Price Breakdown
  • Control deck with a focus on flipping monsters face-down and generating constant advantage with Subterror Guru
  • One of the few decks that are capable of using Pot of Extravagance with almost zero risk, though Extravagance is currently sitting at around $100 at the time of this update
  • Since it makes frequent use of face-down monsters, an option is to play Nibiru the Primal Being in the main deck, catching combo decks by surprise in game 1
  • Generally does not need the extra deck, which can be appealing to budget players as well
  • With Sky Striker and True Draco heavily nerfed, Subterror claims a niche as arguably the strongest control deck that plays There Can Only Be One, as neither Altergeist nor Paleo can do so effectively
  • While not as hampered by Droll and Lock Bird as some combo decks are, this deck also doesn't exactly appreciate the meta being very Droll-heavy at the moment


Price: $50+ Decklist and Price Breakdown
  • Link-based control deck with a lot of recursion and a special in-archetype technique, where 1 Link Monster is used as the entire Link material to summon another copy of that monster, granting bonus effects
  • The deck is somewhat halfway between control and combo, establishing respectable boards turn 1 with a fairly compact engine, allowing many handtraps to be played. Their real strength comes in turn 3 and beyond, where their arsenal of free summons from the GY, coupled with their stellar resource recycling, easily overwhelm the opponent.
  • Salamangreat cemented their place in the TCG as arguably the strongest deck for a few months, winning 4 out of the 5 WCQs and taking many EU national wins. They have been hit a few times since then, with both Salamangreat Gazelle and Circle being Limited, and then Miragestallio being banned on the January list. While not as strong as they were before, Salamangreat are still competitively relevant, and proved this by making top 16 at the PPG Invitational in late January, piloted by Joe Bogli. They've also been tearing up the regional scene post-banlist, taking a substantial number of regional top 8 finishes across the globe.
  • The majority of the deck is dirt cheap and is mostly able to be built with commons from SOFU+SAST supplementing 3 copies of Structure Deck: Soulburner. However, almost all competitive versions of the deck max out on expensive consistency cards like Cynet Mining and Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay. Mining is being reprinted in Duel Overload, but at the time of this post still sits at around $30 per copy. In addition, Lady Debug was unlimited on the January list as well, helping to bring more consistency to budget Salamangreat lists.
  • You should ideally play this deck with Mining if you have it. If you don't, Pot of Desires is another, cheap option that provides some much-needed draw power, but can feel bad to play since banishing Gazelle is hugely detrimental.
  • Losing Stallio hurts consistency, and also makes it harder for Salamangreat to out certain monsters. A popular tech recently has been Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Lion Emperor, which lets the player recycle Gazelle and other monsters while also preventing Spinny from being banished too early. Do note that Lion Emperor has recently shot up in price to around $15 each, but is also not essential whatsoever for a Salamangreat deck.


Price: $100+ Decklist and Price Breakdown
  • Dinos are a combo deck with consistent access to Evolzar Laggia/Dolkka and Ultimate Conductor Tyranno, a formidable boss monster with incredible OTK power and disruption
  • Though Dinosaur has never established itself recently as a tier 1 deck, it's consistently performed at a regional level. Post-July 2019 banlist, the deck has continued to consistently show up in regional top 8s, including taking 1st place at Brooklyn regionals earlier in November and claiming multiple regional tops in 2020.
  • Easily incorporates more power cards/engines:
    • The Lost World variant oftentimes plays Pot of Extravagance, as it's not as focused on flashy combos and instead greatly appreciates the extra draw power and consistency of Extravagance. However, this card is quite expensive and most likely isn't getting reprinted anytime soon
    • The True King engine provides speed and power going first or second, but is brickier since it runs True Kings and requires a high baby dino count. This variant has previously seen sporadic success, and recently topped the PPG Invitational in late January, piloted by Stephen Bronder. With True King Lithosagym coming off the banlist, this could be a variant to look out for. The provided decklist is based off of Stephen's list, although he played Extravagance.
    • The Shaddoll engine gives you strong plays going second against decks that use the Extra Deck, such as SPYRAL and Salamangreat.
  • Dinos are receiving some excellent support in ETCO, the next main set, in the form of Jewel Beast - Argosaurus. If the deck remains untouched on the next banlist, they could be a tier 1 contender for nats season.
  • The deck is notoriously bricky, and losing draw power from no Extravagance doesn't help either
  • Prices for this deck have risen due to recent hype - Oviraptor is sitting at $10, whereas Double Evolution Pill is $15. Fortunately, it's likely that Oviraptor will receive a reprint in Duel Overload.

B Tier

Like the above category, but generally weaker, less consistent, and/or impacted harder by a lack of access to a certain card(s).

Paleozoic Frogs

Price: $100+ Decklist and Price Breakdown
  • Backrow-heavy control deck that summons its Traps to the field as monsters and pressures the opponent with Toadally Awesome
  • One of Paleo's biggest strengths was its ability to run both Rivalry and Gozen with basically zero repercussions. Throughout 2019, these were bad floodgates to run due to the big four decks (Striker, Thunder, Salamangreat, and Orcust) all largely being able to play around both floodgates quite easily. With the January banlist neutering the competition, perhaps we'll see a resurgence in Rivalry/Gozen - maybe when SPYRAL leaves the meta.
  • The last year or so has not been kind to Paleo from a meta perspective, but the deck is beginning to creep back into meta relevance. The provided list is based off of Fox Chudleigh's deck that he used to win an Australian regional in late January.
    • Fiend Griefing in particular is a very nice option for going first into GY-reliant decks like SPYRAL, Lunalight, and Salamangreat - but note that the lack of Impermanence in the main for budget players means that going second against combo decks could prove troublesome. Consider dropping Demise, the Back Jacks, and Fiend Griefing if this is the case, in favor of handtraps.
  • Has indirect support in RIRA and CHIM in the form of the Marincess archetype, which holds some potential when combined with this deck - especially Marincess Coral Anemone, which can help spam Swap Frog, but is unfortunately not very accessible for many budget players
  • Toad's price point has shot up to around $20 each, largely due to hype for how Frogs will perform under the Master Rule Revisions, being able to summon multiple Xyz monsters without needing to Link Summon first. This is irritating for budget players, who will have a hard time accommodating multiple copies of Toad as well as other somewhat pricey cards like Borrelsword Dragon, Trap Trick, and Artifact Sanctum. These prices are also why Paleo is ranked much lower on this post than Altergeist and Subterror.

Lair Infernoid

Price: $100-150 Decklist and Price Breakdown
  • Aggro deck with big beaters that toolboxes from the graveyard while controlling the enemy's grave
  • 2019 was the most successful year for Infernoid since their competitive debut in 2015. A going-first build took 1st place at New Zealand nationals in early May, playing Trap Trick as well as Pot of Extravagance, as well as top 64 at Euros and top 32 at the Australian nationals. Since October, both YCS Guadalajara and YCS London saw one Infernoid player make the top 4 of each event, despite both tournaments also only seeing one Infernoid player make top 32 at all. Noids also won YCS Japan very recently, and bubbled YCS Milan.
  • Lair of Darkness gives this deck incredibly powerful disruption by allowing it to tribute your opponent's monsters for cost, on your opponent's turn. This is a powerful disruptive tool against SPYRAL, since a SPYRAL Sleeper backed up by SPYRAL GEAR - Last Resort has absolutely no protection against Lair + an Infernoid.
  • The list provided is designed to go second, though you may want to run more handtraps depending on how many combo decks you anticipate playing against. Ash, Droll, and D.D. Crow are all effective options against SPYRAL, and Ash + Ghost Ogre are decent options against most combo. Going first builds will max out on Void Feast and probably run cards like Trap Trick, and possibly Artifact Sanctum, though these last two cards are moderately expensive.
  • Infernoid can be notoriously bricky and you can be dependent on cards like Void Imagination resolving successfully, or on Reasoning / Monster Gate to mill a ton of high-level Infernoids for you to begin playing.


Price: $150+ Decklist and Price Breakdown
  • C'mon, you know what HERO is
  • Aggressive OTK deck that swarms the field using Vision HEROs and Destiny HERO - Malicious
  • When made to go first, it can establish Masked HERO Dark Law (which can be troublesome on its own) and then back it up with Destiny HERO - Plasma
  • Has a variety of 2 and 3- card combos that output a massive amount of damage to the board
  • Many of its most powerful cards also restrict you into summoning HERO monsters for the rest of the turn, meaning the deck is usually played very "pure"
  • Currently hovers on the border of being an affordable deck for budget players, as both Faris and Increase cost quite a lot, and their prices could fluctuate wildly depending on how much success HERO sees in the coming months
  • Players usually tend to play a small Evil HERO package using Adusted Gold and Malicious Bane, and/or a small Miracle Fusion package involving Liquid Soldier and Sunrise. Neither are anywhere close to viable for budget players, as currently the Liquid Soldier engine runs around $65, whereas the former engine costs nearly $250 for just two cards. You can still build HERO on a budget without these cards, but you might find yourself lacking the extra power needed to close certain games.
  • Struggles to deal with Nibiru, the Primal Being, as well as Super Polymerization. Dark Ruler No More is also an effective out to the standard HERO board, and is a common side deck card. The same applies to Lightning Storm, newly released in IGAS.
  • Despite this, HERO topped numerous regionals last format and has continued to do so in the January format, getting top 8 at Folkestone regionals earlier in January.


Price: $100+ Decklist and Price Breakdown
  • Control deck with an emphasis on level 4s and normal Trap cards, using their Link monster, Traptrix Sera, to generate constant advantage on both players' turns
  • Due to how easily this deck accesses Rank 4s, it's capable of bringing out powerhouses like Abyss Dweller, Time Thief Redoer (with a Trap as material) and Utopia Double for easy OTKs
  • The provided deck is based on Team Bortle's list, which runs an interesting tech in the form of Iron Dragon Tiamaton. Triggering Sera during the opponent's turn lets you summon Myrmeleo under her - then, triggering Myrm's mandatory effect lets you set a Trap Hole from your deck in the same column, instantly making Tiamaton live. It's a fun option that can easily be substituted out for more standard handtraps, if you choose.
  • Though backrow decks usually want to run Pot of Extravagance, Traptrix lists oftentimes tend to go for Pot of Desires instead, or neither option, as Extravagance is very risky to run in conjunction with the Utopia Double package (although Desires can banish Double or Nothing, there's a smaller chance of that happening)
  • Sera has shot up to $8 per copy in NA recently, due to hype. If it goes higher, Traptrix will be more difficult to build on a budget, as Sera is an essential card in the deck.

C Tier

Decks in this category have the capability to be just as good as the ones above at times, but often tend to suffer from multiple problems including consistency and power.

Burning Abyss

Price: $100+ Decklist and Price Breakdown
  • Versatile control-based Graveyard toolbox deck that used to be known for its amazing grind game, but now is generally played more as an aggressive OTK Link spam deck
  • Gained a notable amount of attention in 2018 after Thomas Rose piloted a Sekka BA list to 1st place at UK Nats. Later piloted to a shocking amount of success post-September 2018 banlist, getting 2nd at the 200th YCS in Utrecht and winning the 200th YCS in Mexico City.
  • Modern BA plays very few actual Burning Abyss cards, preferring to use Dante + Cherubini to more easily enable Link spam strategies. The provided build is based on Thomas Rose's build for the January 2020 format, which you can watch here. Tom prefers to run very few BA names, no Fiendish Rhino Warrior, no Beatrice, and to go second and OTK. When made to go first, you can pass on Cherubini and El Shaddoll Winda, as Cherubini will protect Winda from being destroyed by Instant Fusion during the End Phase.
  • Another version, and arguably the most popular version, is EARTH BA or Block Dragon BA. Block Dragon can be summoned multiple times in the same turn and is excellent for Link spamming, searching 2 cards and allowing you to get a lot of value out of cards like Saryuja Skull Dread. This version usually goes first and builds an "unbreakable" board. You can watch a combo video from Ryan Fletcher here, showing off what the deck can do.
    • This deck is vulnerable to Evenly Matched, Nibiru, and Dark Ruler No More, all of which are common side cards. In addition, it really appreciates having access to Apollousa, which is currently over $100.
  • Budget players attempting to build BA as a combo deck might struggle. Block Dragon has also been steadily rising recently, and cards like Gallis and the level 3 Dangers may not be accessible for some budget players.
  • A more old-school version of this deck is Burning Abyss Phantom Knight, nicknamed "PK Fire" by some. The level 3 Phantom Knights have good synergy with the BAs, and milling cards like Silent Boots will let you search Fog Blade to disrupt the opponent. This version is notably cheaper than the others listed, as it plays much more "pure" and usually runs a high BA count, multiple Dante, and doesn't have to play the somewhat expensive Dangers. An example PK Fire list is provided here, without expensive maindeck power cards like Dangers or Gallis.


Price: $50-100 Decklist and Price Breakdown
  • Fan favorite Ritual deck that features an insane amount of searching and was revitalized by both the release of Impcantations as well as the unbanning of Shurit
  • Reprints of basically all the Nekroz cards as well as Mega Zaborg and Herald of the Arc Light mean that this deck is a fraction of what it used to cost this time last year, let alone on release
  • The popular going first build runs Cyber Angel Benten to search out either Vanity's Ruler or Archlord Kristya with Sauravis in hand as targeting protection, shutting the opponent out of Special Summons and oftentimes winning the game outright. Gale Dogra is another commonly run option.
  • Also playable is a going second version with handtraps and Evenly Matched, as Evenly has wonderful synergy with the Nekroz cards. Evenly is also very powerful in the current meta against both backrow decks and SPYRAL.
  • Impcantations lend a lot of versatility to the deck and you can adapt the maindeck with other Ritual monsters to have more of a toolbox at the cost of consistency. Cards that have seen play include Saffira, Shinobaroness Peacock, and even Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon.
  • This deck does not appreciate Droll and Lock Bird being an extremely common card in the current meta, as it searches a TON in order to combo.


Price: $25-100 Decklist and Price Breakdown
  • Ridiculously aggressive OTK deck that can hit for over 10,000 damage with one attack
  • Focuses on Link climbing into Crusadia Equimax, which can reach ludicrous amounts of ATK and have all battle damage it inflicts be doubled
  • The core itself is dirt cheap, with every Crusadia card costing under $1
  • The given list simply sticks to the gameplan: remove the opponent's monsters and swing for a massive amount of damage to win the game in one turn
  • Can break established boards with surprising ease - for instance, the SPYRAL board can be demolished by many combinations of a Kaiju, Slumber, and Crusadia Testament to effectively turn off the opponent's Apollousa.
  • The deck can also be built as a very scary going first wombo combo deck that uses Crusadia monsters to access Guardragons. On a budget, the most common strategy is to make multiple Saryuja Skull Dread and to try to draw into Kyoto Waterfront, eventually setting up a 5-counter Gameciel that is very difficult to out. An example decklist might look like this.


Price: $30-150 Decklist and Price Breakdown
  • Deck built around Structure Deck: Zombie Horde, which focuses on maintaining the Field Spell Zombie World and controlling the game with its boss monster, Doomking Balerdroch
    • The build shown is a little pricier and incorporates things like Super Polymerization, Ash Blossom, etc.
    • A super-budget build would be constructed entirely from 3 copies of Structure Deck: Zombie Horde and would look something like this (build adapted from Cimoooo's YouTube channel), costing around $30.
  • Received excellent support in IGAS in the form of Jack-O-Bolan, a cheap Super Rare that synergizes wonderfully with the rest of the Zombie cards
  • As a generic Zombie deck, it easily incorporates other Zombie archetypes such as Shiranui, Vampires, Vendread, Mayakashi, etc. It's also commonly played with Dangers
  • Super Polymerization has great synergy with Zombie World, as you can fuse any two of your opponent's monsters into Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon
  • Rivalry of Warlords also has great synergy, as while Zombie World is up, your opponent will be unable to summon any more monsters if they're not also Zombies in the hand.
  • This deck has never really seen competitive relevance in the same way as Endymion, Salamangreat, and Dinosaurs have


Price: $50+ Decklist and Price Breakdown
  • Debuting in Rising Rampage, Tenyi are a Wyrm archetype that play around controlling non-effect monsters. They can put out negates with their archetypal counter trap, and usually have a fairly conservative turn 1 before exploding onto the field afterwards with their Link 2 and cards like Mare Mare
  • Received further support in Chaos Impact in the form of Tenyi Spirit - Adhara and Draco Berserker of the Tenyi, both of which increase the power ceiling of this deck
  • Taken to a 1st place regional finish in Medellin earlier in November 2019 by Andres Torres - you can watch his deck profile here. More recently taken to another 1st place finish at Columbia regionals by Cristian Barbosa in early February.
  • The decklist shown runs some staple cards that are a few dollars each, including Pot of Desires, Ash Blossom, and a one-of Borrelsword Dragon to close games. The Tenyi cards themselves are generally all just a few cents, with the most expensive maindeck Tenyi card (Shthana) sitting at just over $2

??? Tier

Decks here are in limbo until I decide where to put them, and their descriptions won't be nearly as detailed as in the other sections. Nothing here is finalized.

Sky Striker

Price: $50+ Decklist and Price Breakdown
  • Yes, this deck still does stuff without Engage
  • Topped Carlisle regionals under the new banlist and also somewhat infamously went 6-1 at the PPT Invitational before the player was disqualified due to a decklist error
  • Received a boost with the release of Sky Striker Ace - Roze and is getting another strong card in its toolbox in DUOV, in the form of Zeke (or whatever its Link 2 will be named in the TCG)

True Draco

Price: $50+ Decklist and Price Breakdown
  • It's Draco and it's still alive, yaaaaay
  • Took 1st place at a Portugal regional this format with this exact main deck, piloted by João Neves
  • Why use lot card when few card do trick?

Thunder Dragon

Price: $75+ Decklist and Price Breakdown
  • People tell me this deck is still alive but even if that's the case, I don't see it functioning on a budget level without Apollousa or I:P Masquerena.
  • I've seen people play this with a high count of Chaos monsters like Levianeer, which is another barrier for budget players
  • Gets Predaplant link in DUOV I guess

Up-And-Coming (WIP)

Decks here will usually be decks that recently started seeing success, or upcoming decks that might become viable budget decks, oftentimes due to new support or even new reprints.
This section used to be for super budget decks only, but there were growing complaints about the same decks being showcased on this post every time. For more info on those super budget decks such as Cubics, Phantasm, and Chain Burn, take a look at previous versions of the budget post!


Price: $50+ Decklist and Price Breakdown
  • Classic Fusion-based archetype from 2014, debuting in Duelist Alliance
  • Somewhat of a midrange combo deck that can slow the game down with El Shaddoll Winda or be very aggressive with El Shaddoll Construct
  • Received very decent support in the newly released Structure Deck: Shaddoll Showdown
  • Winda is a troublesome floodgate that many decks struggle to out, including SPYRAL - even Tough can't deal with it, since Winda can't be destroyed by card effects.
  • The provided list runs the Performage cards as another LIGHT engine that generates consistent advantage, but you can experiment with a bunch of different things. For example, Trickstar cards are a fairly common tech in OCG Shaddolls, although they have more copies of Light Stage than we do.
  • The deck's biggest problem has always been its inability to consistently resolve a fusion spell on turn 1, and the structure deck doesn't completely solve this problem. Pure Shaddoll are somewhat prone to bricking on all monsters or all spell/traps.

Giant Ballpark

Price: $25+ Decklist and Price Breakdown
  • An Insect based deck that revolves around its titular field spell, Giant Ballpark, to snatch OTKs by summoning 3 level 4 normal Insects for free from the Deck during the Battle Phase
  • Gokipole and Resonance Insect both provide some much-needed consistency for this deck, while Inzektor Picofalena can recycle your normal Insect monsters so that Ballpark is always live
  • Has been a viable deck at a locals level for a while but got a great boost with Utopia Double allowing for very cheesy OTKs. The deck thrives when going second but also has a fairly decent rank 4 toolbox when made to go first, as cards like Abyss Dweller and Bagooska are strong in the meta right now
  • Another boost came in IGAS with the import of Shiny Black "C" Squadder as a common! He powercreeps the other normal Insect you used to play, Neo Bug, by 200 whole ATK points!
  • Can incorporate outside engines such as Shaddolls or even a Tenyi engine, since the deck so frequently summons non-effect monsters
  • Got top 8 at a New Zealand regional in August 2019, with fairly humble results apart from that
  • Still, this deck is absolute pennies, with the actual Insect cards rarely ever costing over a dollar each - and the way the deck plays is incredibly fun

Honorable Mentions

  • Orcust, Magical Musketeers, Cyber Dragon, Trains, Gren Maju/Gizmek OTK, and Mekk-Knight Invoked - Decks that are pretty good but are sorta in limbo due to some expensive individual cards, such as CaspaStarfire, Cyber Emergency, Urgent Schedule, and Gizmek Orochi.
  • ABC, Prank-Kids, SPYRAL - Decks that were featured here before but were removed. ABC and Prank need to produce more results on the regional level before they're re-added to the post, and I've chosen to feature newer decks instead. SPYRAL is barely buildable on a budget, but the deck struggles to function, especially with every single deck out there packing tons of hate for SPYRAL, so I opted to leave it off the post.
  • Cubics, Phantasm, Chain Burn, Evilswarm, Yosenju, Graydle Kaiju, Dinomist, Monarchs, and much, much more - Unfortunately, there is not enough room to cover every single decent, super-cheap deck. A bunch of decks were added to this post due to the 2019 Mega-Tins, and I am actually pretty close to the 40,000 character limit, so several ended up being cut. Some of them may have been covered in previous versions of the budget post!
That's basically it, I hope to keep this post updated for the foreseeable future. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions and remember to smash that fuccin upvote button if you enjoyed this content
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Just a shitty S Rank/Demon-Dragon level tier list passing through... (webcomic spoilers)

Prepare for the long haul...

Saitama: Is One Punch Man

Awakened Garou: Regeneration, Limiter hax, Supreme Martial Arts... Stats higher than everyone else besides Boros and healthy Tatsumaki, but has the skill and limiter hax to more than make up for it.
Boros: Physically stronger than Awakened Garou, and has extreme regeneration. Physical feats in both forms are limited though, and Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon is a suicide move.
Tatsumaki: Supreme Telekinesis, lifted the entire Underground Civilization, has optional meteor feat, reflected an entire city's worth of spaceship firepower, and managed to menace Awakened Garou despite having her skull fractured twice by Psykos and Golden Sperm.
Orochi: Hyper flexes on every Monster in the Monster Association, has copied both Gouketsu and Garou's martial arts (perfectly?), extreme range capabilities and might have the power to ressurect to become even stronger.

That Man: Probably stronger than Flashy Flash.
Flashy Flash: Dragon buster, "That Man" technique buffed, impressed Awakened Garou with his speed, and lasted the longest along with Superalloy Darkshine against AG.
Golden Sperm: Vaguely outclasses all of the S class present at the surface, but isn't as specialized as either Flashy Flash or Superalloy Darkshine. Got his nose smashed in by a Garou fresh off Superalloy Darkshine, however I'm predicting some sort of "10 trillion cell IQ martial arts" thing so I'm putting him above Darkshine for now.
Superalloy Darkshine: Nigh on invulnerability that requires above dragon levels to scratch, considered on the same level as Flashy Flash. Tanked all of Garou without a scratch right before he fought Golden Sperm.
Overgrown Rover: Supreme defense that rivals Darkshine's, either got plot nerfed, or might get smaller and weaker the longer he's fought.

Final Form Phoenix Man: blitzed Brave Giant, gets stronger the more he is killed, can only be taken down via complete annihilation or tearing apart/making him tear apart his own suit.
Speed Of Sound Sonic: A worse Flashy Flash at the moment, but still pretty solid based on that alone.
Metal Bat: Gets stronger the more he gets hit, lasted minutes against Carnage Kabuto in base form.
Child Emperor: Has a multitude of hax, has Brave Giant which buffs his stats above most dragon levels, went toe to toe with Phoenix Man.
Elder Centipede: Incredibly tanky + gets tankier the more he gets hit. Tanked Bang and Bomb's combo attack, and survived his inners getting roasted by Genos.
Kenzan Rat: Largest Dragon in the series.
Cruel Dragon: No feats in particular
Beefcake: One large, city bustery boi
Psykos: Decent psychic, claims to be stronger than Elder Centipede?
Carnage Kabuto: hyper intelligent in base form, which may equal copied martial arts? Tanky.
Gouketsu: One of the higher ranking cadres, knows martial arts second to Bang's martial arts.
Bomb: Stronger than Bang,
Bang: Supreme at martial arts, and perfectly counters all human shaped foes.
Vaccine Man: Dragon with range and divine blessing, no feats though.
Homeless Emperor: Incredibly strong offense with human durability, solid reflexes however.
Gale Wind/Hellfire Flame: Decent Dragon level ninjas, not much else to say.
Amai Mask: Dragon buster with regeneration, on the verge of becoming a monster and gaining more power.
Drive Knight: Is built to counter any situation, can one shot Dragon levels, but can also get one shotted by them in certain forms.
Black Sperm: Has nigh on infinite numbers of clones.

Dragon Level:
Evil Natural Water: Unkillable through means other than hax, but I don't see it taking out any of the character above before it gets haxed/it's core is drained. Sufficiently demolished the entire surface team.
Gums: Tanky, Just a better version of Pig God.
Nyan: Can destroy you through any wound/opening in your body.
Genos: Better than G4 ATM, but overall unknown.
Bakuzan: 2nd best of the martial arts tournament, further buffed by monsterization
Geryuganshoop: Dragon level psychic, fought absolutely nobody.
Melzalgard: Strong regeneration with weak points.
Groribas: Dragon level brawler with poison.
Fuhrer Ugly: Dragon level brawler, didn't fight anyone who was fighting back/didn't one shot him.

Archdemon Level:
Atomic Samurai: Has slashes that can cut through anyone. Only Dragon level reflex feats are against Black Sperm copies though.
Bug God: Strongest demon level with alright tankiness.
Puri Puri Prisoner: G4 esque offense, bristle armor + vibration angel.
Vacuuma: Roughed up pre vibration angel Puri Puri Prisoner
Suiryu: Martial arts equal to Post TTM level Garou, doesn't have the adaptation.
Choze: Decent monsterized martial artist.
Pig God: Tanky, immune to poison.
Awakened Cockroach: blitzed G4 Genos
Tanktop Master: Is as strong as G4 Genos
Beast King: Didn't do much but had some nice slicing power.

Demon level:
Deep Sea King: Regeneration, second form
Mosquito Girl: Lifesteal mosquitoes, can buff up to a second form that can trash pre G4 Genos, but I'm not sure how well that form would do against 2nd form Deep Sea King.
Zombieman: Extreme regeneration, killed Carnage Kabuto in his sleep????? Don't know how he would have managed to acquire the gear for that as a head.
Evil Eye: ??? level psychic that can bust buildings.
Atomic Disciples: Perform decently well against Demon levels.
Purebred Vampire: Lifesteal against anyone he can wound.
Royal Ripper: more offense oriented than Do-S.
Do-S: Mind control whips
Fubuki: 50/50s some low Demon levels, tanked an Overgrown Rover blast, has technique bonus against Psychic types.
Withered Sprout: Probably demon level.

If I'm missing anyone tell me, unless it's one of the ones that are vastly op and have yet to be challenged in a fight (Blast, Watchdog Man, Metal Knight, King).
Update: buffed a shit ton of peeps, nerfed Sonic
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Gale Rising (part 20)

Unlike my first instinct, I didn’t spend the rest of the day training. There was work to be done before I did anything so selfish.
The de facto headquarters for the super heroes had been moved away from the center of Mobile and instead took up shop across the street from a waffle house pointed at the exit ramp to the city proper. It wasn’t centralized particularly, but we didn’t want it to be; if the place were to be attacked, it was safer there, just off the map from prichard, that it would be in any downtown areas.
My idea, though it was decidedly unpopular, if only because it was out of the way for people to pick up their nightly patrol.
Walking in, I saw the patrol boards had been set up. A goodly number of D and C ranks had been deployed to Prichard to make sure they understood the new way things worked out, and to keep the criminals on their toes; the impoverished city that sat in Mobile’s shadow had long been a source for unpowered crime, and their police department was suffering under the strain of keeping things out of anarchy. At the very top of the list sat Colton. Hands sat on the top of another list; they’d both had virtual upticks on their status after the rescue mission.
I had one as well, but when I tried to think about it all I got was a crushing wave of depression I hadn’t dealt with at all.
I gave him a look as I passed him. “Bloodying the new capes?” I asked.
He shot me a lazy grin, like we weren’t scheduled to duke it out at the end of the week. “It seemed like they needed a helping hand.”
I didn’t bother challenging him here, not inside of the base we’d set up. “We got a name for this place yet?”
“Naw,” The knife master said, his teeth showing in his smile. “I think we’ll figure that out after Friday, won’t we?”
“Crisis might be over by then,” I muttered.
“Exclusion zone expanded a bit more,” Colton reminded me. “Picked up a few farms, too. Whatever’s happening up there is getting worse and worse instead of better.”
“It can’t last like this forever,” I said.
“Course not. Eventually it’ll hit the ocean.”
“Has to go through us first,” I said, giving him a stern look.
He laughed until he started wheezing, then wiped his mouth off with the crook of his elbow. “Gale, we’re about as well put together as a damn pinto. Whatever they let through, I doubt we’ll be able to support, not with what we have set up.” his eyes glinted in a quiet sort of challenge, the same color, briefly, as the steel knives threaded through his fingers.
“I’m willing to listen to suggestions, Colton,” I said, looking around at the other capes. Not many of them, not enough for it to matter, but I couldn’t lose face. Not before the fight. “But not your orders.”
“There’s your spine again. Funny, how it only shows up after you’ve already lost.”
I raised an eyebrow at him. “I haven’t lost yet.”
“You don’t even know it yet, Gale,” Colton said. “But you lost the second you accepted the challenge.”
Then the glint in his eyes vanished just like the knives did, spun into nothingness.
He stood up, and stretched, sending his locks of black hair sliding across his face, the scar crisscrossing the bottom of his chin suddenly visible. “Don’t stare too long,” He said. “I don’t want you to waste all of your attention here, when you should be preparing.”
Then he stood up and walked over to the board to get everyone’s contact information for the patrol.
Technically, I was on patrol as well, but it had been decided, by Hands (and against my will) that my patrol was taken up during the day as I collaborated with the various groups that had taken up running the city to make sure nobody stepped on anyone else’s toes.
Which all, in total, meant that I had an office that I had been neglecting, tucked into the mostly abandoned building (probably a work safety violation, but what did it matter when there was nobody to report it to?) and more importantly, an answering machine to attend to.
The place was dusty, with a school desk set up next to a beaten up laptop that had been scrounged up from someone’s closet. A far off copy of a proper base’s super computers, but it would do to check email and video conference, and I wasn’t exactly trying to run anything strenuous off of it. Cup of coffee sat on the desk, rapidly cooling.
I picked it up, sipped at it, and pretended to be an adult by turning on the laptop.
It took a minute to boot up, and then I was buried in logististics; organizations asking support, reports from citizens about possible crimes redirected to the system we’d set up, requests for presences, questions regarding the greater situations. Dozens of things we couldn’t deal with, and only a handful of things we could even hope to handle. The mayor's office wanted a status report on the association. Didn’t have the words for it.
I felt a headache blossom in my head just staring at them, and languidly clicked through them, piece by piece, hoping that I could find something that was actually up the organization’s alley. We weren’t the police, and we couldn’t even hope to be the police.
Clicking through, I stumbled across an Email from Osteor. Well, Rebecca, her civilian doctor name.
Which should I refer to her as?
She wanted a meeting, at the nearest jail. I hadn’t even thought about the jail yet, but surely it was buried in the interpersonal emails that littered the screen. Didn’t know how to satisfy the systems yet, but looking at them all made something in my head click and turn. We shouldn’t be caught up in bureaucracy like this.

I could feel Colton’s eyes on my back as I left.

Rebecca looked up from a phial of blood. Her eyes, grey as ever, stood out on her pleasant looking face. It made up for her dirty blonde hair tied back to complete the look of almost humanity that graced the bone witch’s features.
“Osteor,” I greeted.
“Rebecca Hawkins,” she corrected. “We’re in a civilian capacity, so address me as such, Gale.”
“Of course, Rebecca,” I said, not missing a beat. “You needed me?”
The prison medical ward was covered in notes, xrays, genetics result, anything that Rebecca could get her hands on, as I privately suspected that neither of us were supposed to be there.
“Why am I here?” Rebecca asked, gesturing around her. The vial of blood was delicately labeled O negative in tiny doctoral handwriting.
“In the prison?”
“No, here!” Rebecca said. “Why did you go to save me at all?” her voice was rife with frustration, her fingers dipping into little hooks in the air. “I feel like all I’ve done since I’ve gotten back is patch up fractured bone and knit together ribs.”
I stared at her for a long moment, and considered, not for the first time, that despite my IQ score that the doctor in front of me knew, I was an idiot.
Hands, Colton, I, we weren’t the only people who had watched people die. Rebecca had been at ground zero, and I hadn’t even considered her. “I’m sorry, we should’ve given you time off.”
“No, you should’ve given me another project,” Rebecca cut in. “I’m a doctorate in genetics, not… some doctor you can throw the sick at and expect me to treat them. I’ve helped deliver five babies since I came here. I’m not even qualified for that, but they expected… It doesn’t matter.”
“What’s the blood for?” I asked, sensing a shift from the previous topic.
“Testing. Have to make sure the new birth doesn’t have powers, have to track down the family…” She trailed off. “Half of it isn’t even my job, but now I’m…”
“What was your job?” I asked, steering it back to something more cheerful.
Rebecca leans back against the sink and sighed. “I was in charge of studying changes to genetic material as heroes develop. Wrote a number of papers on it… Telomere shrinkages among those destined to mature faster, Genetic fragmentation among A rankers. Helped author the new power ranking system…”
“There’s a new power ranking system?”
“Unused except in internal memos,” She said, bluntly. “They’re still clinging to their merit based system instead of using any hard science to predict power level. Can’t really blame them, moving around everything just because a few doctorates said it makes more sense…” She trailed off. “I did useful things like that. Improved how things worked not…” She gave a gesture at the prison clinic.
“Stitch things together?” I asked. I knew the feeling.
“There are elegant solutions to all of this, but I can’t make them appear fast enough! Not fast enough to matter, anyway.” She let out a tired noise and tapped the vial of blood against her fingernails. “But yes, I’m healing people. Against my better judgement, I suppose. I’m just enabling this system, anyway.”
I blinked at that. “If you don’t want to enable it…”
“Then I’m not really helping anything, am I? I’m just letting people die and hoping what comes next is better.”
“Back up,” I said. “How’re you enabling the system by healing people?”
Her fingers led the phial back and forth across her fingers, a slow dance that made me think of arachnids. “The entire hero system, Gale. It’s unhealthy. Everything we move to heroes to do cuts down on what we come up with by scientific methods. It’s bad.”
I cocked my head to the side. “It is?”
“Of course you can’t see it, you’re inside of it,” The Doctor said. “Think of your father,”
I sighed.
“No, no, this has nothing to do with you. Look at your father. Now that he’s been sworn to protect the gulf coast, Association funding has gone up-” She swallowed. “And funding for hurricane relief has gone down. Because your father is there, we are not advancing in methods to protect lives for when your father is not there.”
“That’s…” was that true? Were people relying on heroes that much? “That’s bad.”
“And look at what you’re doing. You’re… no offence, but you’re a nobody who by some quirk of genetics has gotten pseudo control over an entire city. It’s not merit based, or anything like that-” she held up a hand to forestall my complaints and kept going. “And you’re doing a remarkable job for someone with only a miniscule amount of disaster training, but … in no healthy system should we be placing the burden on you.”
“I’m doing my best with what limited supplies I have at my disposal.”
“I know you are, but it shouldn’t be at your disposal. There should be systems within systems. The world shouldn’t have things that crawl and stomp in the darkness, madmen with laser beams, child soldiers reaped from their mother’s belly on the belief they might be dangerous.”
The blood phial flicked about in her hands. She held it up to me. “Think about what a miracle it is that the majority of mothers accept the idea that their special children need training. That the government can take them away and train them in nice structures, covered with steadily increasing amounts of psychologists and psychiatrists desperately trying to balance against the human variations that lead to villains being born. How terrifying the world is, and how many pieces only work because we have taught people not think about them. What brilliant campaigns have been woven…”
I didn’t like thinking those thoughts, but there I was. How many villains were stopped only because mothers were willing to give up their children to be heroes?
“Someone like Negalli becomes a statistic too quickly if you widen your eyes enough. An unfortunate fluke to get through our systems, and these systems are imperfect, and those imperfect systems lead to casualties, and it is all an awful mess of sides and fights and pointlessness. Just utter pointlessness.”
“But heroes have led to advances,” I rebutted her. “You’ve come up with research.”
“Research about heroes!” Doctor Hawkins said. “The world shouldn’t revolve around heroes. We’re all humans, Gale, why should there be thousands of doctors like me, worrying about the chance of the Destroyer being born out of some womb that we don’t have access to? How pointless all of our research has been, when each theory we come up with has access to the most conflicted data set in human history?!” Rebecca took in a deep breath and stared at me. “We could’ve figured out what permutations led to the development of cancer, but the Association has us figuring out genetic templates to figure out powers to prevent the next villain from being born. Ideas of genetic determinism are being thrown about here, Gale! I hate it.”
She took a breath, then walked over to the sink, poured herself a glass of water, and downed it.
“Who said anything about genetic determinism? We’re obviously more than the context of our genes.”
“I am a scientist AND I am a hero,” Rebecca said. “There are very few people with my calibre of powers who are more than just a hero. We are moving towards a caste system where people of specific genetics are exalted just because they have special powers. Where those with heroic genetic potential are forced to be nothing but heroes.”
“I…” and then it hit me that there had never been an expectation that I would be anything except a hero. Assuredly, I had had options. The family’s wealth would’ve let me do anything I wanted.
“140 something, yes?” Rebecca said, stepping past me. “You would’ve done well in college, Gale. Might’ve done something for science. I could see you in biology. Maybe chemistry.”
“College degrees aren’t everything,” I said weakly. “Being a scientist isn’t everything.”
“No, but this is a world where anyone should be able to be anything. Not just heroes. Not just people enforcing imaginary laws on people in other imaginary countries with their fists because they need to dance around imaginary lines in the damn sand, while a thousand doctors watch in horror as the world shifts around them to the beating of a child’s drum,” Rebecca spat the last part with enough venom that I felt goosebumps raise on my skin. “I am unsure if I want to keep watching a world slide into a caste system while I still support that abysmal order.”
“What do you need from me?” I said, flatly.
“You?” Rebecca’s eyes swished across my body. “Why would I need something from you?”
“Did you just need to rant?”
“We’re both intellectuals in this room. You, untrained. You get by on intuition, instinct. Deeply messy. Many many bright minds among the newest generation, and yet…” Her eyes flicked over to mine and she read my face like a book. “It all goes unused, unharnessed. Have to rely on natural experiences instead of any sort of rigorous learning. It can be a good teacher, and yet… Blood.”
I blinked at the abrupt ending. “Blood?”
“I need your blood.” She repeated. “I was doing an experiment regarding the blood of heroes whose power never advanced past D class. I’m rebuilding the base set, and I need your blood to start.”
“Why my blood?”
She gave me an exasperated lookI was rather attached to it, considering how much I had lost just the other day saving her. “Because if I tell people that you did it, I’ll have far more volunteers. More than I need perhaps, but expanding the sample size is always better than not having enough of one.”
“...Are you okay?” I asked, feeling awkward. Soulcrushed, but awkward.
“All of my colleagues are dead and my most recent life’s work was poured down the drain. I am living a nightmare within a nightmare within a needle buried inside and iron chest, and I…” Her face was pale and her hands shook. “I am making this exercise disturbingly about me. Fine. Transaction.”
“I can agree to a transaction.” I hadn’t interacted with someone… quite… like her, and yet, she made a disturbing amount of sense.
“Information is all I have to offer, of course,” The doctor said, having another drink of water. “I worked many of the systems, and I can remember many things… and I can unlock some of the information on your com.”
My eyes flicked down to it. “It has information?”
“That’s Excelsior’s. It at least has the gulf coast database on it. Maybe you need it?”
A moment’s pause.
“If I get you the blood, can you get me Colton’s file?”
Her lips turned into a smile that looked inhuman spread on the bone witch’s face. I recalled the myths about her, and how many she’d killed in Mexico. What were her hero experiences like, that made her hate the system that much?
“It’s a deal.”
Migraine today. Exceptionally painful. Reads heavily in this chapter, but needed to write this. is fine, update out for the day.
Comments are appreciated, as always.
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April Preview - The 10 Best Fights of the Month

April is a packed month with a diverse schedule. While there are big names in action (Gennady Golovkin) that doesn't necessarily mean that all of those fights featuring big attractions are can't miss. This list is for the most competitive and fan-friendly fights scheduled for the upcoming month. Fights that aren't competitive won't be considered unless there are other circumstances.
For those unfamiliar with my Importance and Entertainment rankings, here's a brief explanation. They are both measured out of 5.
For Importance:
5/5 is reserved for fights featuring lineal title holders, #1 vs #2 matches, unifications, and superstars of the sport. 4/5 is generally a title fight featuring a competitive matchup 3/5 is for WBA regular titles and somewhat competitive matches, top-tier prospects in competitive matches, title matches that are mismatches, stars or draws in action 2/5 is for mismatches, prospect fights, fights between guys with names 1/5 is for bad matches.
For Entertainment:
5/5 is for a guaranteed fight of the year contender. 4/5 is for a fight that is likely to be a fight of the year contender 3/5 is for a fight that will have at least 6 exciting rounds 2/5 is for a fight that is enjoyable, but has no replay value 1/5 is for Bradley vs Alexander
(I reserve the right to take some liberties with the rankings as not everything is as black and white before they step in the ring.)

1. Charles Martin 23(21)-0-1 vs Anthony Joshua 15(15)-0

Date: Saturday April 9 TV: Sky Sports 1 (UK) Showtime (US) Title: IBF heavyweight
Synopsis: Two heavy-handed heavyweights meet in one of the first meaningful steps toward the smoke clearing post-Klitschko reign. Both Martin and Joshua have looked vulnerable in their most recent fights and each should enter confident that they have the answer to the other. This could be the first step toward Britain owning the heavyweight division or America's first step toward a return to greatness.
What to watch for: Charles Martin punches like he's got lead gloves on. His punches take forever to get to their destination, but they are impactful. Can he land on a far more athletic specimen? And if he does, can Joshua withstand it? Will Joshua channel his inner Mike Tyson and try to fight small as he did against Dillian Whyte? Or will he remain disciplined and box intelligently?
Importance Rating: ✓✓✓✓ 4/5 Entertainment Rating: ✓✓✓✓ 4/5

2. Andre Berto 30(23)-4 vs Victor Ortiz 31(24)-5-2

Date: Saturday April 30 TV: Fox (US) Title: None
Synopsis: Andre Berto and Victor Ortiz meet to determine who truly wants to continue on with their career as professional prizefighters. Their first meeting was a bonafide fight of the year contender and as time has progressed, both are more vulnerable than ever. Both have suffered losses since their first meeting and have cashed the big checks that come along with losing to Floyd Mayweather. This fight is years in the making with their first rematch cancelled after a positive drug test by Andre Berto. This fight will be at the StubHub center which has become a breeding ground for bloodbaths. This should be a wild and unpredictable fight for as long as it lasts.
What to watch for: How Victor Ortiz handles the first power shot Andre Berto lands. Seriously, I know Andre Berto is nowhere near a power threat in today's world level at welterweight, but watch this very closely. Victor Ortiz has not felt the power of a real top-tier fighter in a long time. The last few times he has he's been put on the canvas. If Ortiz can't handle Berto's power, this will be a second round stoppage in favor of Andre Berto. If he can, this will be a wild fight.
Importance Rating: ✓✓✓ 3/5 Entertainment Rating: ✓✓✓✓ 4/5

3. Fernando Montiel 54(39)-5-2 vs Jorge Lara 27(19)-0-2

Date: Saturday April 30 TV: Fox (US) Title: None
Synopsis: This fight has blood bath written all over it. You have a young, hyper-aggressive inside fighter with explosive speed who doesn't keep his hands up facing one of the most consistently entertaining Mexican warriors in the sport. It's highly unlikely that Lara brings something to this fight that Montiel doesn't know how to handle and that's what makes this one fascinating. Again, this one takes place at the StubHub Center which is hallowed ground for brutal fights. This one is highly likely to enter that stratosphere.
What to watch for: Can Montiel time Lara on the way in? Lara likes to jump in with his attack and it leads to a lot of headbutts in his fights. The difference is that Montiel is a pretty quick fighter and if he can time Lara coming in, expect to see a huge knockout of the year contender. If Montiel can't time it, this fight has potential to get bloody and possibly very ugly.
Importance Rating: ✓✓✓ 3/5 Entertainment Rating: ✓✓✓✓✓ 5/5

4. Manny Pacquiao 57(38)-6-2 vs Tim Bradley 33(13)-1-1

Date: Saturday April 9th TV: HBO PPV (US) Title: None
Synopsis: The last fight had 3 intense rounds before Bradley threw all logic out the window and started trying to knock Manny out. Manny proceeded to continue what he started in their first fight and outboxed Bradley all over the ring. I don’t think Bradley won more than 1 round after the 4th. Most think adding Teddy Atlas to the corner is the great equalizer in this equation and that maybe it’s the key to Bradley’s success. The whole fight is relying on that element because we’ve seen enough over 24 rounds to know how this fight unravels. The fact that Bradley looked so different against Brandon Rios has many confident this will be Bradley’s fight.
What to watch for: Can Bradley stay disciplined for 12 rounds? This is the key to Bradley having a shot. Bradley doesn't have the ring IQ to hang with the Hall of Fame talent of Manny Pacquiao and it's shown over their first two meetings. Bradley has to let Teddy Atlas do his job in finding the cracks in Pacquiao's armor for Bradley to exploit. If Bradley can become the perfect student, he may find himself sending Pacquiao into retirement on two consecutive losses.
Importance Rating: ✓✓✓✓ 4/5 Entertainment Rating: ✓✓✓ 3/5

5. Edwin Rodriguez 28(19)-1 vs Thomas Williams Jr 19(13)-1

Date: Saturday April 30 TV: Fox (US) Title: None
Synopsis: They're pulling all the stops out for this April 30th card. StubHub is a breeding ground for action fights and the hits keep coming. Since losing to Andre Ward in 2012, Edwin Rodriguez seems to be forgetting how to box with each time he enters the ring and is resorting to a highly entertaining brute force method. Against Michael Seals, he entered ready to bulldoze whatever defense Seals wanted to use and while Rodriguez hit the deck twice (one shot would have put any less determined fighter to sleep) he showed a ton of balls by getting up and ultimately beating Seals into submission. Williams is not far removed from his upset loss to Gabriel Campillo and is fighting for a future in the sport at this point. A loss for either guy is the end of the line for them in search of a world title and a win leads them directly to Adonis Stevenson. Neither can afford not to make an impression.
What to watch for: How quick does Rodriguez try to get things started? There isn't a doubt in my mind that Rodriguez is going to abandon trying to outbox Williams and given what we've seen from Williams, Rodriguez should know that boxing isn't going to be his best option. When Rodriguez flips the switch and goes into seek and destroy mode, it will be up to Williams to maintain his composure and time Rodriguez the way Seals did.
Importance Rating: ✓✓✓ 3/5 Entertainment Rating: ✓✓✓✓ 4/5

6. Jesus Soto Karass 28(18)-10-3 vs Yoshihiro Kamegai 26(23)-3-1

Date: Friday April 15 TV: Estrella TV (US) Title: None
Synopsis: Look, if you have these fighters in your stable, you're an idiot if you don't match them together at some point. At this point these guys have both established to everyone that they aren't going to be winning the welterweight title anytime soon, but that doesn't mean they aren't must watch TV each time they come out. Neither brings a particularly impressive brand of defense to their fights and both are dangerous in combination. This is going to be a war for as long as it lasts and at this point, it's a question of who has the most left in the tank. I favor Kamegai, but only if he can hurt Karass.
What to watch for: How often these guys miss. It won't be much.
Importance Rating: ✓✓ 2/5 Entertainment Rating: ✓✓✓✓ 4/5

7. Oscar Valdez 18(16)-0 vs Evgeny Gradovich 21(9)-1-1

Date: Saturday April 9th TV: HBO PPV (US) Title: None
Synopsis: This is a huge leap forward in Oscar Valdez's career and it's clear that Top Rank wants to see him enter the title scene by the end of 2016. They've matched him against what is kryptonite for the young fighter. A high-motor pressure fighter with an iron chin. Gradovich is known for eating whatever you throw at him and coming back stronger as the rounds go on. Valdez is a light punching outside fighter who relies on staying back and sharp shooting. Top Rank's hope is that their prized prospect can take a page out of Lee Selby's book and outclass Gradovich with his superior boxing skill. (Funny enough, Valdez helped Selby prepare for Gradovich.)
What to watch for: Can Valdez get Gradovich's respect? This is the key to Valdez fighting his fight. If he can't get Gradovich's respect and gets pushed around the ring, this young prospect will crash and burn. Valdez is currently the #2 prospect in the world and he can't afford to have answers for whatever Gradovich throws at him.
Importance Rating: ✓✓✓ 3/5 Entertainment Rating: ✓✓✓ 3/5

8. Errol Spence Jr 19(16)-0 vs Chris Algieri 21(8)-2

Date: Saturday April 16th TV: NBC (US) Title: None
Synopsis: A year ago the top 5 prospects in the world were some combination of Anthony Joshua, Oscar Valdez, Felix Verdejo, Errol Spence Jr, and Callum Smith. Joshua has graduated, Verdejo is on the cusp, Valdez graduates on the 9th, and Spence graduates on the 16th. Well... not quite graduates as he's gotta pass the final exam. Chris Algieri is about as tough as it gets without real danger present. He's a huge welterweight with speed, an ever-changing style, and the stamina to box 30 rounds if he needs to at a rampant pace. Errol Spence will need to figure out how best to crack Algieri without looking like he can get outboxed.
What to watch for: Can Algieri land his jab? If Algieri gets his jab going, Spence's stock is going to drop tremendously. What we need to see from Spence at this point is a sound defense and the creativity to unleash his power. If Algieri can get his offense going, specifically his jab, it will be a big cause for concern with Spence. Welterweight isn't the easiest division to break into.
Importance Rating: ✓✓✓✓ 4/5 Entertainment Rating: ✓✓✓ 3/5

9. Badou Jack 20(12)-1-1 vs Lucian Bute 32(25)-3

Date: Saturday April 30th TV: Showtime (US) Title: WBC super middleweight title
Synopsis: This is the one fight on this list that is a complete wild card. Neither fighter has completely the public of who they are. Badou Jack has had two very good performances, but the memory of the first round knockout still lingers in the memory of every person who watches Jack. Lucian Bute is all but done, but the guy continues to win fights and show he's got pop. Who are these guys, really? Is Badou Jack a reborn, retooled, and reconditioned champion at super middleweight capable of beating any fighter at 168 pounds? Because that's how he's looked in his last two fights. Lucian Bute is done, or is he? He looks like he's still capable of throwing punches and landing a big shot here or there. His defense is porous, but when was it ever good? The desire to win is still present with Bute. This should be a fun fight regardless of which version of these fighters shows up. Bute's always been a good offensive fighter and Jack's mauling style is very fan friendly.
What to watch for: Can Badou Jack show neutralize Bute and dominate? He will need to in order to convince people he has a shot against James DeGale. I don't think there's a person out there that thinks that Jack can successfully get past James DeGale. That fight is on the cards and Jack is going to need to pull out everything he's got to convince everyone that he's not just a titleholder, but a legitimate champion at 168 lbs.
Importance Rating: ✓✓✓ 3/5 Entertainment Rating: ✓✓✓✓ 4/5

10. Kontantin Ponomarev 29(13)-0 vs Brad Solomon 26(9)-0

Date: Saturday April 9th TV: HBO PPV (US) Title: None
Synopsis: Kontantin Ponomarev has elite talent, but is stunted by his own boredom. When faced with lesser opposition, Ponomarev is lethargic and fails to put his talents on display in any way that could be associated with impressive. Thus, he's being matched through a gauntlet of tough opponents to make sure that he's actually good and not just a guy who can pull a great performance out from time to time. After his win over Mikael Zewski, Ponomarev should have made his HBO debut against a gimme opponent, but there are still doubts with him. Now he faces undefeated Brad Solomon. This is another win or go home fight for Ponomarev and the stakes are high given he'll be on the undercard of Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley, two future opponents for the young Russian.
What to watch for: Ponomarev's level of interest. You can see him lose focus in fights and abandon things that are working. You can see him clown and become uninterested in sticking to what works. If Ponomarev can stay disciplined, he'll enter a crowded welterweight scene as a tough opponent for many guys. He's 5'10" and quick.
Importance Rating: ✓✓✓ 3/5 Entertainment Rating: ✓✓✓ 3/5
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